When it comes to storing and displaying books, there are some bold and original ideas out there. However, in many different sets of circumstances the principle that less is more applies. Most people want their books to be the centre of conversation rather than their bookcases.

Thinking About Cost Minimisation

The popularity of odd styles may not last, so people who like to think ahead should perhaps choose a conventional design. In addition, some of the more unusual designs for bookshelves come with quite hefty price tags attached and are often worth avoiding on that basis alone. High quality art or photography books do not require a fancy overpriced shelf to make them look superb. The most elaborate shelf design will not usually have a great impact on the way an old stack of paperbacks is seen.

The issue of redecoration

When selecting a solution, it is essential to consider the appearance of the room in which the books will be showcased. Many people like to redecorate on a fairly regular basis. If a solution will only work well in a specific context it might not be the right way forward. A storage design should be adaptable enough to cope with change. A shelf should ideally look fine against a range of diverse background colours.

Different Tastes Can Clash

If someone tries to make a big statement with a bookshelf, it can easily fall flat with guests. This is because everyone has their own tastes. Anything which seems a bit too grand may not appeal to those with simpler tastes.

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