A Rough Guide To Wood Floors

A lot of homeowners have a deep seated desire for wood flooring but are scared to commit. It’s understandable, and wood floors are both a financial investment as well as requiring installation. However, the thing about investments is that somewhere down the line you’re likely to reap some financial reward, also the installation of wood floors is not as difficult as you might imagination as wooden floors are engineered for installation.

Whilst wood floors might be a very traditional thing, at least in some contexts, the thoroughly modern innovation of the internet has made investing and enjoying wooden floors that little bit easier. Now you can find wood floors in London at the touch of a button, or click of a mouse. You can also source lots of tips in regards to the purchase and ongoing maintenance of your quality wood floor.

When using the internet to research DIY advice, such as in regards to the installation of wood floors, it is important to choose your sources very carefully. Preferably you’ll look for advice from online merchants who specialise in wood floors, as this is obviously most likely to be most reliable.

Why Wood?

There are all sorts of reasons to choose a wooden floor as opposed to other options such as laminates or carpets.

Whilst a carpet might feel very comfortable under foot there are issues in regards to durability. Over time a carpet may get very dirty, may even tear or be ruined by cigarette burns. A hardwood floor is by no means invulnerable, but it is a more resistant than many other options, especially once it’s been treated.

For many, the aesthetic of a wood floor, perhaps something made from oak, is very hard to beat. Wood is unique as a material not only because it is forged in nature’s bosom but also because each piece of wood is unique, is uniquely grained and nuanced.

Caring for Wood Floors

The ongoing maintenance of your wood floor is an important consideration. Wood is obviously very durable; however it does benefit from sensible usage and occasional cleaning.

Ensure that the surface of your wood isn’t exposed to heeled shoes or furniture legs, at least not too often. This is because the finish of a wood floor can be scratched and therefore compromised. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays can also have an impact on the aesthetic of your wood floor, and so you it is often a good idea to use blinds in rooms that are floored in wood.

When you’re cleaning your wood floor you need to be a little careful. Too much water can actually end up warping and ruining a wood surface, although most quality floors are treated against this. Instead, the best way to clean your floor is using a specialist product or simply wiping up spillages etc with a dry cloth.

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