When it comes to computer games and video games, many are instantly re-playable. Even when we finish them, we keep hold of them because there’s always a chance of going back and enjoying them over and over again.

For other games, it’s a different story. There are some games that are only playable once. For others, the game is simply not enjoyable, or doesn’t appeal to your tastes.In any case, it’s not uncommon for a gamer to find themselves with any number of old games that are simply unused and unwanted. In this situation, they often take up space but this is due to not being aware of your options.

Hopefully, some of the options and advice presented here should help you clear up some of that valuable shelf-space for some new and better loved titles.

Sell Them

First of all, the most beneficial thing you can do is to sell them on. Whether it’s on the second-hand market or simply recycling the physical product, you can easily sell your unwanted stuff online for free. It costs you nothing and there’s always a market or interest for any game you have to sell. You don’t want it, after all, and you’re not going to play it, so turn it into cash can give you money to put towards something else, such as new games that you may want. This is a great way to keep any gaming hobby down in expenses, by selling your old games to help cover the costs of the new.

Give Them Away

Likewise, if you’re feeling generous, you can also give away your games to someone else. If you have a game someone else wants, then this could provide the perfect present or gift. Whilst, admittedly, this doesn’t earn you any money or reward for your efforts, it also saves you from having to buy an actual gift in its stead.

Of course, this will always depend on the game. If a title is old and generally not well received, other people might share your views or lack of appreciation for it. Whilst you can always sell any game you have, giving it away can always provide more use and life out of a game if it’s possible. If your friend is finished with it, they do can always pass it on or sell it.

Trade Them

As a compromise, you could also consider trading your game. Shops often accept trade-in games, but there is always a slight catch. Like any second-hand market, the stores need to undersell for profit. As such, you won’t get the full value of the game, which limits what you can get on store credit.

As an alternative, you can also trade with a friend if you both have games each other wants. This provides a mutual benefit, and gives a little extra life out of two different games. Similar with giving your game away, these games can then still be sold, traded or given away once you’ve completed, or are bored with, that particular title.

Dan Wainwright is a gaming enthusiast. When he’s not playing the latest games, discovering old classics or trying to sell stuff online for free to fund his hobby, his writing about it.

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