Do you usually get late to the office and have to everyday confront the harsh words of the boss? A majority of us are getting good at doing tasks in constrained time frames, and in fact, those people who are able to manage time meet the heights of success in their life. Well, there are many factors those contributing in making you go late to your workplace, these can be as follow: the lunch is not ready, the car has been lost, an important file to be found nowhere. But, fortunately, today, we bring you a comprehensive guideline on how to get ready for the office in just 15 minutes. Want to know how? Then, scroll down to check out the below-highlighted points-

Pack Your Lunch a Night Before

It is simple and easy to follow tip when it comes to being a punctual employee at the company. All you require is, first, decide on the meal you love as an office lunch, for instance, for sandwiches, you make them the night before and get packed. While, on the other hand, if you taking something warm & crispy for the office lunch, make you are ready with the ingredients to prepare the food in a matter of minutes. This tip will definitely help you get to your on time.

Pack Out Your Outfit The Night Before

Now, coming from preparing your lunch, another crucial tip you are packing your outfit well in advance, best is the night before. First, you have to decide on the dress to want to wear the next day, iron the formal pant and shirt to look dapper every day. This is a proven tip that will significantly cut down on the time you take to prepare for the office in the morning. Also, make sure you use a flipfold so that there will be fewer wrinkles & clutter in your clothes, It is a common fact that folding laundry will take less time to get ready.  Besides, your dress, make sure you packed all the important stuff and files to be tagged along to the office.

Start Your Car Before You Do All of Your Morning Essentials

Well, that’s a smart tip followed by pro-corporate guys to avoid the tough words of their boss. All you need to do here is to start your car, while you are still managing your morning chores. This is a great thing to do, especially during the winter, when the vehicles usually have starting problems.

Brush Your Teeth While You Make Your Coffee

Brush your teeth, while you prepare the coffee, during so you will able to save those extra minutes, crucial in ensuring you reach the office on time.

Keep Your Breakfast Simple

An orange juice with pop-up butter toasts combo is the best to save your morning breakfast preparation and having time. The central idea is to have light and easy to prepare morning meal to cut down your morning essentials time.

At last, if you follow the above tips carefully, the chances are high you will be the first one to reach the workplace.

Shannon Morris

Shannon Morris is the full-time editor for Blogs 6 Community sharing her thoughts on health, latest news buzz and shopping hacks and product reviews with site visitors.

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