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Renting an office space for your business for the first time is an exciting step which means that you are finally getting somewhere in your quest for success. However, it’s not as simple as just picking an office that has the cheapest monthly rent or looks the best. In fact, there are a number of things that should be considered to ensure you are choosing the best office for your needs.

Where is the Location?

Location is SO important when it comes to your business. Being in a great place can help to attract the best staff, it can persuade existing and potential clients to come and visit you, and it can make your lives generally easier. Consider things like whether you want to be in a city center or just out of town. While being in the city is great for those who commute by public transport or younger people who are living in the urban sprawl, out of town is good for those who live in suburban areas who like to drive to work. Also consider what your new office is near – if you are a sociable business are there enough bars, shops and restaurants nearby to keep staff and clients entertained in the local area.

Are the Facilities Right?

When it comes to the office space itself, does it have all of the facilities you need and meet all of your requirements? Are there enough desks and chairs for existing staff and for you to grow into? Are there working phones and internet portals for you to stay functional and able to communicate with clients and leads? Is there a kitchen for your staff to use? Make sure all of the practicalities are in place to allow your business to run smoothly in this new environment.

Will it Represent Your Business Properly?

If you are going to be working from a rented office, particularly a serviced office space, you’ll want it to represent everything that you stand for. If you are, for example, running a small financial company in the city’s business district, you’ll want an office that gives a good, professional aura to anyone who walks in to come and meet you. Alternatively, if you are youthful creative design agency, maybe you’d suit somewhere a bit more laid back.

Are Things Run in the Way You Would Have Your Own Office?

Think about whether the office space you are going to rent is running in a similar way to how you would run your own office if you were to own one. For example, what is the general dress code? Are the offices keen on using green energy and recycling their waste? Are the receptionists friendly and offering your visitors the right greetings and service when they arrive? These are the kinds of things which will maintain a long and successful relationship between your business and the office space provider.

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