Heavy Parcels

Sending and receiving parcels is an integral part of many businesses and companies. These parcels can be of any size and weight. Although the general principles regarding sending parcels of all sizes are fairly similar, some special considerations need to be made for parcels that are heavy or bulky. Because of the unusual weight or size, transportation of a heavy parcel requires more careful packing, sorting, and handling. Let us look at the special considerations that need to be made for such parcels.

More careful packaging

Even the smallest sized parcels should be packed with utmost care. However, when you are dealing with a heavy or bulky item to be shipped, you have to be even more careful when packing it for delivery. This is because unlike small couriers and parcels that can be manually lifted, sorted and handled, big and bulky parcels are handled by machines. This makes it more likely for them to have damage to the packing material. Thus, heavy and bulky parcels should be securely packed with corrugated cardboard, preferably with double walls. This will minimise any impact on machines while handling and sorting them.

Exact weight calculation

Because shipping costs are calculated according to the weight of the parcel, you must be extra careful when calculating the weight of your packed shipment. In case of smaller parcels, there is not a big addition of weight after packing. But, it is not so in case of heavy items, that tend to increase a lot of weight after thorough packing. Therefore, the cost of transportation of a heavy parcel will be directly proportional to the weight added to it during packing it. Thus, you should know the exact weight of the parcel when it is ready for dispatch.

Insurance cover

While it is prudent to have insurance for all items that you send by courier, insurance cover is even more important for heavy and bulky items because these items have a higher chance of damage during handling, sorting or transportation.Thus, you must give due importance to the insurance cover for your big and heavy parcels.

Confirming restrictions

Depending on the courier company, the origin, the destination, the final size and weight, and the method of transportation, your parcel may have some restrictions. It is advisable that you inquire about these restrictions beforehand so that you know what to expect and figure out ways to counter these issues. If you leave this step until the last minute, your parcel may get delayed or rejected.

Updates during shipping

Like parcels of any size and weight, transportation of a heavy parcel should be monitored from time to time by its tracking id. Any courier company that does not provide this feature should not be selected for shipping your heavy parcels. In addition, the courier company should also provide regular updates in case the shipment encounters an unforeseen delay in transit.

Courier companies that take these points into account while shipping heavy and bulky parcels are more reliable for this purpose.

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