Belly Button Bleeding

The navel is the spot on your body from where you were connected with your mother via the umbilical cord. This is a very sensitive part and it was once having a tube to supply oxygen, food, and water to you and remove waste from your body. After a baby is born this umbilical cord is cut and then the area remains as a scar on the body as an innie or an outie. Apart from being a scar, the navel area or the belly button has a very important place in the health of our body. To know complete information about the importance of belly button read the get healthy lab: belly button article.

Around 67-100 types of bacteria live inside this belly button that is healthy for our gut and maintain a disease-free body. But sometimes due to some infections or various other reasons, this belly button may bleed that can be an indication of several other issues.

What is belly button bleeding?

This unusual medical condition can happen in case of both children and adults. This leads to blood discharge from the navel area due to several factors. Let us look at the causes of this bleeding according to the get healthy lab: belly button article.


  • Injury – if you have got any sort of injury or force in the abdomen area that led to the injury of the belly button also then it can cause bleeding. This is more common if you have had any sort of accident or abdominal surgery before. But you must consult a doctor in this case as it can affect other organs such as bladder and intestine.
  • Infection – another cause of this bleeding can be an infection of bacteria or fungus in the navel area. If the navel area is not cleaned properly then there is a chance of bacteria growing in that area leading to infection. It is also common after belly piercings. These infections can be characterized by redness, itching, foul odor or some liquid secretion from the navel area. You may also experience fever in some conditions. Consult a doctor for medication.
  • Surgery – in many abdominal surgeries, surgeons prefer to make incisions in the belly button area as it is easy to heal but in some cases, the wound may bleed at a later stage.
  • Piercing – navel piercing is becoming a fashion trend but this can lead to bacterial infection and even bleed. If you are getting a piercing in your navel area, then you must keep the area extra clean and must be careful about injuries and infections.

Endometriosis and cysts infection can also cause bleeding in the navel or belly button area. You must take care of that area of your body and maintain proper hygiene to avoid such conditions.

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