If You’re An Australian Employee, Here Are Payday Loan Facts You Should Know

Payday Loan Facts

For most employees, there often comes a time in their working lives where they have to deal with financial problems. Although they earn enough to cover their expected expenses, some of them end up lacking enough cash, especially if they encounter a certain urgent need. Since it is common for employees to keep a portion of what they earned as part of their savings, they often are unable to do so because of an emergency that would require exhausting a certain amount of money. The cash they intend to save may be enough to cover that emergency, otherwise, they resort to pinching some out from their coin banks or their debit cards. Indeed, it is not a good practice, especially for those who are eager to save for something important.

For employees who don’t want to touch what remained of their last payday but are facing the problem of using it to cover an unexpected situation such as a medical emergency or rush bill payments, there are several ways on how they could deal with it. They could resort to borrowing money from friends or relatives, as long as they give them an assurance that they would repay them fully at a specific date. Alternatively, they could turn to credit cards, if they have one, however. Also, they could apply for a loan, particularly payday loans.

What are they exactly? These are short-term loans that allow borrowers to obtain small cash in an attempt to cover the remaining days before their next paycheck. This type of unsecured loan, as the name suggests, involves borrowers repaying the borrowed cash on or days after their next paychecks, depending on the institutions providing such loans. Such a loan is deemed as an available albeit short-term solution for anyone who may be short in cash but in urgent need of such.

Because of the fact that institutions providing payday loan have different terms and conditions when it comes to permitting borrowers to obtain small cash amounts, it is worth mentioning the following points about the short-term loan, especially for employees who might be interested:

  • Employees are eligible to receive a payday loan if they are of a certain age, are working and are able to earn a substantial amount on a monthly basis, and have checking or savings accounts. Employees with good credit are entitled to obtain such loans, but when applying, institutions aren’t required to show proof of their credit history.
  • Employees can avail of these loans either by going to the payday provider or through the Internet. Nowadays, payday loan institutions do not just operate 24 hours day, 7 days a week; they offer online applications for those who want to avail of the loan. Indeed, by going online, employees don’t get to face the inconvenience of braving the long lines just to be granted the desired loan amount.
  • Speaking of the desired loan amount, it is imperative for employees to borrow money that they truly need. Institutions limit the amount that can be borrowed at a time depending on the employees’ income. In other words, it is not advisable to avail of a loan that could very well end up in debt.
  • Interest rates can be high, but that would depend on the payday loan institution. However, if the desired loan amount is small, then the interest that needs to be paid at the date of payment is also small.

Employees wanting to avail of payday loans must be aware of one thing, and that is the fact that these loans are just for emergency situations. Truly, it is not suitable for long-term financial issues. Making certain considerations with regards to this short-term loan is important so as not to come across potential financial problems in the future.

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