Clear Or Unclog Drains

Messed up with a clogged sink, toilet or bath tub? Is there stagnant water in your kitchen sink? These are all the common drainage issues that are experienced by most homeowners in day to day life. It is because drains are prone to suffer from clogging or blockage due to one reason or the other. This in turn results in great discomfort for the property owners. It is because clogged sink, toilets, bathtubs or any other drainage part or area at your place interferes with the normal functions. Also you can’t use the clogged part of your home.

To deal with all such problems, we more often call or take help from drain cleaning contractors. These are the professionals that are offering services to the clients so as to keep their drains in proper working order. Although drain cleaning contractors are always ready to assist you in whatever way possible however you may even clear or unclog your drains of your own. Here are some simple tips to clear or unclog your drains of any obstructions.

Remove the obstructing particles or elements at the top surface of the drains- It is the foremost point that need to be paid attention to while clearing a clogged drain. You must remove all the hairs, debris, soap pieces or anything else collected at the top surface of the drains. All these interfere with drainage of water. Hence these must be removed so as to ensure that the waste water is drained out properly.

Use a bent wire hanger– It is again an easy way to clear your drains without the need to call the experts. For this, take a wire hanger and straighten it out. One of the ends of the hanger must be bent in such a way that a hook is created. This hook may be used to take out the debris, hairs or anything else at the other end of the drain. It is similar to catching fishes with a rod. When you are finished with pulling out all the wastes from the clogged drain, pour hot boiling water over it to clear up any leftovers.

Fizz it out- It is again a convenient and effortless way of unclogging or clearing a clogged drain. Take a mixture of baking soda and vinegar and pour the same in the clogged drain. Even dry baking soda may be poured in the drain at night followed by flushing with the hot water next morning. It helps in removal of all the slime, hairs or filth accumulated in the drains.

Caustic Soda also works well- It is also an effective way of clearing or unclogging your drain. You may mix caustic soda with cold water in a bucket and pour the same down the clogged drain. You will notice the liquid starts fizzing. Wait for at least half an hour and then flush it off with boiling water.

These are all some simple tips that help in clearing or unclogging a blocked drain. This way you will be saved from calling the drain cleaning contractors or such other professionals.

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  1. Most of us don’t think about it, but drains are the foundation to a healthy home. The water from our sinks, showers, and toilets will drain out through the pipes in your home and there is a crucial need for them to be clear of obstructions so that the water can flow freely. In this article, you have provided useful information about drain clearance at home.
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