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Coolest Cars For Teenage

Cars For Teenage

Choosing a car for a teenage it may be a bit difficult and tricky because getting what a teenage would love it’s not easy. These are some of the coolest cars that are best for teenagers.

Toyota Corolla LE – Toyota corolla is the best car for teenagers what it lacks is only the excitement. The car is safe and it’s not expensive and will help the teen to go school and even through his/her first job. The car has a 132 horsepower 1.8 liter four- cylinder engine which is mated to a four automatic transmission. The car is not the quickest but its engine will give you service for years.

Kia Forte Ex 5 Door – The car has solid fuel economy and it inexpensive. Its fun to drive and economical and has exterior decent lines and this may be of great fun to the teen. The car has an engine of 156 horsepower 2liter four- cylinder which via six-speed sends its production to the wheels on the front. It has enough space for carrying cargo just behind the second row seat. It also has Bluetooth connectivity, keyless entry, and a six speaker audio system which has an iPod interface.

Ford Focus SE Sedan – The car is modern and your teen will love it. It has been redesigned and it has up to date styling. It has a lot of technology and it cabin is well made and comfortable. Ford has a 2 liter four-cylinder engine that delivers 160 horsepower to the wheels on the front by an automatic transmission of a six speed driver- shift able. The cars also offer other services like keyless entry, automatic headlamps, trip computer, satellite radio, and Bluetooth connectivity, an audio system with six speakers, iPod interface and Ford sync voice activated cell phone.

Volkswagen Golf 2.5 – The car can be either available a two door or a four door hatchback. The car is a very convenient package and is fun driving it. The car has connection to Bluetooth and six speed driver shift able automatic transmission. Volkswagen comes with a 170 horsepower2.5liter five- cylinder engine that percolates under the hood. Also included is a six speaker audio system but doesn’t have an iPod interface but has an input jack. Other standard equipment included in the car are trip computer, keyless entry, and heated outboard mirrors.

Hyundai Sonata GLS – EPA has rated it as a large car and it provides an extra bulk that incase of crush it may help to keep your teen safe. For this reason the car has become one of the most preferred for the teens and it’s affordable. The car has 2.4 liter four- cylinder engine that develops the most horsepower 198. It also has a driver shift able six speed automatic transmission that transmits the power to the front car wheels. Others services the car offers are a satellite radio, connection to Bluetooth and an audio system which has iPad interface.

Before buying a car for a teen the parents should use the dvla contact to get information that will help them on how to guide their teens that may drive safely and to get all documents needed for them to be allowed to drive.

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