You might have booked your plane ticket to take you from the airport to an exotic destination and the from the exotic destination back to the airport, but how do you get to and from the airport? You might take your own car, but you’ll have to find local parking, you could ask someone to give you a lift but this burdens them slightly or you might consider Heath row transfers, but what are airport transfers exactly?

Airport transfers can be explained very simply as a taxi service from a specific terminal to your destination. This could be a nearby hotel, home, place of work. Heath row obviously has several terminals, 5 in total, and so a transfer can be arranged from each of these.

Heathrow’s newest terminal is terminal 5, and you can meet your London airport transfers taxi driver here. Your driver, just like in the movies, will be holding a sign with your name on it, and so will be easily identifiable.

Quality airport transfers do much more than meet you at the terminal and get you from A to B, and they also offer comfortable luxury experiences. So, you can expect baby seats, a comfortable car and if you choose business class you’ll get additional extras like a free laptop and internet access. Airport transfers aren’t just about the practical business of airport transport, but they are also the most convenient option, ideal for business or leisure travelers.

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