Issuing employees with ID cards is a great way to increase security throughout a business. But, having ID cards professional printed every time a new employee starts can quickly become very expensive. By printing their own ID cards, businesses can save time and money. In order to print ID cards, there are various things that a business will need:

A Card Printer

There are a huge number of plastic card printers available that businesses can use to print ID cards. The printer that a business chooses will depend on their budget and needs. The most affordable card printers are able to print basic, single sided cards. More advanced printers can print on both sides of a card or incorporate a magnetic strip.

ID Card Software

ID cards can be created using almost any photo editing or word processing software. However, there are a number of software packages that are designed for creating and printing ID cards. Dedicated software is much more user friendly and will make printing ID cards much quicker.

Consumables and Accessories

ID card printers use ribbons to transfer images onto plastic cards. Businesses should have a stock of these to ensure they’re always ready to print ID cards. A card printer’s documentation will say which type of printer ribbon will be required.

Businesses may also need some accessories so their employers can display their ID cards. There are a number of options for this, including lanyards, plastic holders, clips and badge reels.

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