Team Building

Team building should be taken as a science and an art. There are a number of fundamental principles or aspects of team building . These aspects or principles need to be considered or followed religiously in order to get impressive results. Great teams serve as the building blocks for almost any organization. Great teams always have clear roles, shared goals, the ability of dealing with conflicts in a constructive manner and a transparent procedure of making decisions and solving problems. Good teams always have these elements. Successful and experienced team leaders always need to possess a playbook that can be used in the form of a guide book for handling a team. Some of the most important aspects of team building are as follows:

Clear Vision

A good team always needs to establish a very clear and dedicated vision in order to achieve a desired goal. It is important for a vision to be specific and clear if actually a team wants to achieve its goal in the most powerful manner. The vision for a team should be measureable, specific, realistic, time bound and achievable. It is always very important to keep in mind that if a vision cannot be measured then it is almost impossible to manage it.


Leaders or team managers need to ensure that their team members are committed or completely dedicated towards achieving or accomplishing the vision or desired objective. It is always very important to have a clear understanding of the difference between serving as a team member and being dedicated towards a team. As a team member you not only need to contribute towards the team but you must be completely dedicated towards helping your team achieve a particular goal.


A team should always be built on competency. It is always very important to have good chemistry but at the same time it is also critical to have people in the team who possess great talents, skills and abilities for making the vision of the team, a reality. It is not necessary for you to have only known people in the team. Sometimes, it is important that you choose the right people in the team building procedure. This will actually help you in coming up with the best results.

Come Up with a Basic Constitution

Written constitutions are always important in the team building procedure. A written draft describing the vision of the team helps in creating a foundation for the team to work in a specific direction. Written drafts always form a bedrock for the founding principles and beliefs of a team and they make it possible for a team to achieve its goals very easily.

Proper Communication

In order for a team to work in the most collaborative manner, it is necessary that there is proper communication among the team members. Proper communication works in the form of the most important tool that the team members use when it comes to accomplishing important goals.

The above mentioned guiding principles or aspects of building a team can help you in coming up with a strong and powerful team.

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