Wow, beware that the tobacco companies and FDA put people out there in all kinds of places to scare you into continuing to smoke because anything else is not regulated! LOL.

What about booze? h they are forced to endorse not abusing alcohol now these days, hmm why is that? Smoking? The electric cigarette being a bad thing and having no proof? I’m awaiting my shipment of the new E-smokes and can’t be happier.

Despite removal of some benign growth on the voice box and the doctor instructing me to give up immediately and forever, just could not live without cigarettes. Tried giving up but failed miserably – went back after 6 agonizing weeks. 3 weeks ago started elite – its magic man, haven’t felt the need for a real fag since then. Don’t feel guilty of smoking socially or indoors any more. Feel clean and am now waiting for some health benefits. I’m from the UK, I’m a long term smoker I’ve tried everything there is to stop.

A few months ago i started to feel the effects of smoking for so long. pain in my chest when i breathed in, I did get that checked out. bad breath, yellow teeth and brown fingers: bad sleep pattern the list goes on. I had to stop but nicotine it my poison. By chance i meet someone using a e-cig and asked him about it; and it sounded like a solution to my needs. So i went home got straight on the net and did some research on them.

There is not much or if any medical research on them but there is a lot of personal statements from people who have used them and still using them and they are all good. So i got myself one as a means to cut down on cigs but ( and this is a good but )after a week the real cigs tasted like crap, so much so that I’m now off them completely, and i feel so much better. So electric cigarette as per experience can have good benefits.

Shannon Morris

Shannon Morris is the full-time editor for Blogs 6 Community sharing her thoughts on health, latest news buzz and shopping hacks and product reviews with site visitors.

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