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When cigarettes are great and will cost less money often, you will find pieces you are going to need to change. Absolutely nothing great holds up eternally. From electronic cigarette battery packs to “smoke juice” replacements to the atomizer, the harder you utilize your electric cigarette, the more rapidly it’s going to wear down.

The Company is applying significant marketing resources to the sales and branding of Cigs by sponsoring televised sporting events, increasing individual distributors throughout the nation and launching an aggressive internet marketing campaign. With electronic cigarette sales reaching all-time highs, The Company is strategically seeking to gain market-share and brand awareness at the ground floor of an exploding industry.

No ignition. Do not contain tar, or other carcinogenic and harmful constituents. No ignition hence it will not cause fire disaster. With humanized architecture, simulate the temperature of the emitting smoke between 40°c to 50°c.No environmental pollution. The emitted smoke is the atomized mist from tobacco alkaloid liquid; hence produce no harmful second hand smoke. Barrier of the electromagnetic wave. No electromagnetic wave. No electromagnetic radiation is allowed. Contain highly purified medical grade tobacco alkaloid, and associate with the design of Nicotine Replacement Therapy”. Realize the aim to quit smoking non-painfully.

This material may contain statements about expected future events and/or financial results that are forward-looking in nature and subject to risks and uncertainties. The nicotine content of one electronic cigarette container is lower than twenty ordinary cigarettes. The special design of the interrupted liquid supply stops smokers from smoking continuously by using our product, which can reduce the frequency of smoking and improving the health of the smoker.

To enhance the best results, the recommended temperature range to use these products is set between – 5°c and 42°c. The Company’s former processing company has now been replaced and will be accepting credit card transactions through the Company’s website within days. “The Company’s Management has been extremely frustrated with the disruption in service for what was supposed to be a seamless transition”.

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