We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 2011 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. This year’s Forum will take place under the slogan “Emerging Leadership for a New Era”. Discussions during the SPIEF sessions will be structured around three central topics. “Building Russia’s Creative Capital” will focus on opportunities for balanced growth, potential threats to the world economy, the development of the world monetary system, and the future¬†of energy. “Securing Global Growth” will look at issues concerning the Russian economy, encouraging innovation, the creation of an international financial centre in Moscow, developing entrepreneurship and raising a new generation of leaders. “Expanding Technology Horizons” will examine what kinds of technology will come to shape our lives in the near future.

We would like to inform you that accreditation for media representatives at SPIEF 2011 will take place from March 15 to May 20, 2011.

Before completing the registration application form, please carefully read through the rules regarding accreditation of media representatives ( https://forumspb.com/en/SPIEF_2011/media/accreditation_rules.html) for SPIEF 2011 under the Media section of the official SPIEF website.

The number of media representatives allowed to participate in the Forum will be LIMITED in order to ensure comfortable working conditions and prompt access to all necessary resources.

The following steps are necessary to obtain accreditation:

1. Complete the registration application form ( https://reg.forumspb.com/modules/index.php?project=1smi&action=register_smi&la
ng=eng ) on the official SPIEF website. Please complete all fields in the form, especially those marked with an “*”. Take care to ensure that your personal details are entered correctly, as this information will appear on your badge.

2. Supply a covering letter from your media organization to the Media Accreditation Centre within two weeks of submitting your application. This can be done either by email, media@forumspb.com or fax, +7(812)635-8018. The letter must be on company-headed paper and signed by either the head of organization, their deputy, or a person performing their duties (if under power of attorney, with a copy of the power of attorney document attached).

PLEASE NOTE that it is sufficient for foreign media representatives to provide a copy of the accreditation card from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs press centre, instead of a covering letter. Applications without a covering letter will not be considered. We look forward to seeing you in St. Petersburg on June 16-18!

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