6 Decorating Hacks To Make Your Home Feel More Unique & Stylish


Everyone wants space with an awesome personality and rooms that reflect our unique point of view. But to get there can be daunting – especially on a handsome budget. That’s why we have gathered some amazing hacks that are so inspiring: It’s a little modern, a little globally influenced, a little vintage, and entirely pretty.

So, let’s quickly learn these hacks and start filling the home with beautiful touches that feel completely like you.

Embrace The Mash-Up

You can pair some modern pieces of wall art with traditional ones like rustic fabrics with Asian touches. This hack will offer your room the great effect of feeling fresh and special.

Try adding combined toile drapes, a southwest rug, and a Victorian velvet bench to harmonize each item so that they don’t outshine the others.

Put Vintage Items To Work

If you’ve got a spare nook or an awkward corner at your home, you can fill it up with a statement piece of vintage furniture or an item like a hanging chair or wooden floor-to-ceiling shelf. It will not only provide extra seating or extra storage space but even offers a boho-chic charm to your room.

Add Texture & Dramas With Pampas Grass

Graceful and long pampas grass is a major décor trend nowadays for plenty of good reasons: the sculptural and showy stalks are at once dramatic and soothing, offering a welcoming touch to any home interiors.

Additionally, you only need to add a few stalks to a vase for creating a stunning centerpiece or either pick a bunch of vibrantly dyed stalks to bring colors to a monochromatic space.

Transform Your Room With A Statement-Making Wall Decal

If you live in a rented apartment where you can’t allow to paints your walls or decorate them as per your choice then wall decals can be the solution!

They’re extremely easy to apply and won’t even damage your walls when you remove them. You can opt for a color-block decal to create a retro style and that’ll also do well on textured walls.

Add Visual Drama With A Uniquely-Shaped Mirror

Every good interior designer will recommend you to add a large and bold mirror to any space of your home to make your space feels refreshed, bigger, and brighter guaranteed. Unlike reaching for a rectangular-shaped frame, try to opt for something in an unusual shape – like a wavy-edge mirror to add visual drama to the room.

Opt For Unique Storage Solutions

You can trick the eyes into perceiving a room as larger as well as less cluttered by simply lifting things off the ground and opening up floor space. Mounted wall shelves can be the way to do this that will even bring new dimensional interest to the area.


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