How Double Glazing Affects Your Energy Performance?

double glazing

Energy bills can eat away a significant portion of your savings if you do not take the required steps to control the temperature within your house, office, or shop. While everyone tries to be smart by installing HVAC systems, they would be of no use if there is even the slightest gap anywhere in the building. Be it restoring heat in the winter or keeping the ambiance cool in the summer, the chances of air escaping through single-glazed windows and doors are always higher.

Double glazing is a great alternative and effective means to prevent heat transfer. The structure is built by placing two glass panes against each other and keeping them apart with a non-metallic separator. The space left between the glasses is filled with argon gas by replacing the existing air that creates an insulating barrier and reduces heat loss. Here we explain how double glazing repairs can affect the energy performance of a house.

Temperature Control

When you turn on the heating equipment or put more wood on fire in the fireplace in the winter months, the air becomes warmer inside the house. Likewise, turning air conditioners on cools down the air to a comforting level. The double glazing ensures that none of the air passes through it, and the surrounding temperature remains unchanged. It happens because of argon gas that acts as a poor conductor of heat. With no need to increasing or decrease temperature, the cost of energy consumption drops to an optimum level.

Heat Reflection

Double-glazed glasses often combine reflective vinyl interlayer with a transparent coating or low-emissivity glass that reflects and permits selective energy wavelengths. As a result, the glass surface does catch heat from the inside or outside, making the window or door more energy-efficient. Because of the maximum retention of heat and air trapped in between the two glass panes, you can experience warmer winter and colder summer at controlled costs.

Energy Saving

Various reports suggest that heat loss can contribute to up to 25 percent of the energy bills that could increase or decrease depending on the size and number of such glasses and energy usage. Double glazing reduces heat transfer by 50-60 percent that could be somewhere around hundreds of pounds every year. The substantial reduction in energy costs could give you a well-insulated home with peace of mind.

It is a fact that nearly 10-20 percent of heat loss occurs because of installing windows and doors with a single glass pane – enough to penetrate your pocket. So, if you are struggling with balancing your household budget due to increasing energy bills, double glazing repairs would save both your money and the environment by reducing your energy consumption.

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  1. There are so many advantages of double glazing windows. Not only does your house get extraordinary protection making it comfortable throughout the entire year however you improve sound protection, security and decreased harm from UV beams and hotness. Thanks for this amazing content.

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