Preparation For Winter: Finding The Best Deals On Horse Rugs

Horse Rugs

Snowy evenings, a hot cup of coffee, excitement of a Christmas party, maybe winter is all about these for you. Some of you may like this season the most. But, what about your pets, your horse? Your horse also could sense the chilly weather winter brings just like you but can’t complain about all the time. This year winter is coming again. Have you planned anything special for your horse this winter? If not, let’s get started. There is a solution for keeping your horse warmth and comfortable even in the chilly winter evenings. Wanna know what is it? It’s simply grabbing the best horse rugs for your horse that could help your horse to cope with such low temperature.

Combo of Stable rugs-

have you heard about it before? If not let us give you some information. A stable rug is prepared with high quality padded material that keeps your horse stable during the long nights of winter. These rugs could cover the shoulders of your horse without making them uncomfortable. Also such rugs are highly breathable so you could assume your horse to breathe fine even after wearing such heavy rugs. You could pick a combo of stable rugs that comes with two same coloured rugs. Most stores have this offer available. Having an extra rug in these winter days would be your saviour during the long nights.

Turnout rugs-

a turnout rug is specifically designed for the winter season. These rugs have a waterproof feature that keeps your horse dry in during the evening of snowfall. The materials used in such rugs have amazing power to resist the low temperature. There are varieties of turnout rugs within different weights. It could be up to 150 grams to 250 grams. But a heavy turnout rug doesn’t make your horse uncomfortable; rather it provides the warmth your horse needs to survive such cold days. Usually these turnout rugs don’t cover the neck portion of your horse. But in case you like to cover such a portion an option is still there. Some turnout rugs offer an external cover that you could detach anytime you wish.

Polar fleece rugs-

and here comes the most demanded horse rug in the winter. This rug is prepared with soft yet heavy fabric that keeps the horse warm all night. Also this rug has anti-allergic properties that your horse needs while wearing such a heavy rug. The soft texture of this rug gives your horse huge comfort and strength to overcome such long freeze nights of winter.

All the above listed rugs are best you could offer your horse in this season of winter. Also make your horse drink more water to keep the PH-balance of the body accurate. An accurate balance of PH level could keep the body temperature high during such days. 

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