High Alumina Ceramic

High alumina ceramic is a form of advanced ceramics that finds extensive use in the fabrication and research sectors of the aerospace industry. It is used often to manufacture crucial components used in the aerospace sector for their several appealing and beneficial physical properties.

High alumina ceramic is a non-metallic, inorganic material that has proven its abilities to hold its structural integrity, dimensional stability and impressive mechanical strength even at high operational temperatures. Components made of this wonderful material, under standard laboratory conditions, have shown exceptional resistance to harsh chemicals all the while maintaining their ideal weight-to-stiffness ratio.

With all the wonderful attributes, high alumina ceramic proved time and again to be the ideal material that mass producers in the aerospace industry can use for fabricating critical aerospace components for areas where optimal performance is crucial.

Let us dive straight into the different areas where high alumina ceramic plays a vital role:

Used in the fabrication of Control Systems & Critical Instrumentation

Recently introduced advanced fabrication techniques and technological developments in material science led to the development of processes where advanced ceramics are used in the manufacturing of control systems and critical components of aircraft. It is also used in satellite positioning equipment, guidance systems for ballistic and Surface to Air Missiles (SAM), fire detection and suppression systems along with alternative ignition systems for automobiles and aircraft.

Used as Thermocouples and Seals

Advanced ceramics has all the necessary features that make it an ideal material for the fabrication of seals and thermocouples that find extensive use in the aerospace industry. Advanced ceramics can be used as a form of interface that can remain functional and intact even under high temperatures mechanical shock and vibrations. High alumina ceramic is used extensively for manufacturing seals used in gas turbine engines of aircraft, thermocouples and fuel-line assembly sections.

Used in repairing components of Aero Engines

Advanced research into the development of brazing materials for repairing critical components of gas turbine engines used in the aerospace industry led researchers to look at advanced ceramics as a possible solution, and they were right! Since advanced ceramics are capable of holding on to their structural integrity even at high temperatures and at locations where the same is subjected to high mechanical vibrations, it is extensively used as an active material for repairing critical components of aircraft engines.

Used as a Critical Component in the Development of Ion Propulsion Systems

High alumina ceramic is also used as a cost-efficient yet high-performance material that can be used for fabricating critical components used in designing crafts for space travel. Advanced ceramics found its way into the research and development of ion propulsion systems that can be used for space travel. Due to its several beneficial features and lightweight nature, it can not only cut the size of critical components of spacecraft by a significant margin but can also enhance the fuel efficiency of the same due to being a lightweight material.

Aerospace industry runs on innovation and since high alumina ceramic is packed with promising attributes, undoubtedly, the same will continue to strengthen its grip on the sector.

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