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Wheelchair accessible vehicles are any other cars having a smooth wheelchair move in and out, transformed with a lift or a ramp. Many-a-times, an accident or a birth defect restricts one’s mobility, either for temporary period  or for  lifetime, confining the individual to the wheelchair. This mobility vehicle helps the person with legs deformity to get around the home reducing the dependence on his or her family, rendering self-esteem and confidence.

However, for outdoor long distance tours, the wheelchair is not a feasible option. For this reason, most of the physically challenged flocks prefer to remain indoor, but, more often than not, they need to travel outdoor in a vehicle, To the good fortune of these people, a wheelchair accessible vehicle is their best bet to move from one place to another in utter convenience.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

To offer convenience to physically handicapped individuals in every nook and corner of this world, several top automobile manufacturing giants are coming up ready vans with a set of unique features to offer a better lifestyle to them.

Types of WAV

The two primary kinds of wheelchair accessible vehicles one is that allow the disabled person to ride a passenger for long tours. While the other type allows the handicapped individual to control the vehicle as the driver. Nowadays, advanced WAV s’ have swivel setting that shifts the person to the driver seat.

These  wheelchair accessible vehicles vary in the number of passengers they can accommodate comfortably. For example, the most selling version is two passengers and one wheelchair, and another popular option is four passengers and one wheelchair. Additionally, depending upon the size of a wheelchair van.

These vans are fitted with wheelchair lifts and ramps to ensure easy entry and exit. The lifts are typically operated manually or automatically with the help of a remote control via a motor. There is fold out and in floor lifts. The later one fold into the floor, however, it takes a lot of space, thus reduces the headroom space. To boil down, it quite uncomfortable for big and tall passengers.

The vans also differ in the number of passengers they can accommodate at a time. For instance, there are options such as 2 passengers and 1 wheelchair or 4 passengers and 1 wheelchair. It depends on the size of the vehicle.

Secondly, these vehicles have fixed wheelchair lifts and ramps to ensure a smooth move in and out. Either the ramps are automatically operated by virtue of a motor or manually. The ramps are of two varieties, one is the in-floor and other one is fold-out. The former kind of ramp folds into the floor, while other later one takes a considerable amount of space, hence trimming down the headroom space, therefore making it quite uncomfortable for long journeys.

That’s why the former version is explosively exploded in popularity in the recent years.

Latest WAVs’ have a joystick instead of pedals and controls to provide acceleration and steering easily. While, instead in the vehicle, there are straps to lock the wheelchair and docking systems, so that it doesn’t move once the car gets in motion.   

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