Bariatric Surgery

There are plenty of surgeries that are done these days to cure various diseases and ailments. Bariatric surgery is definitely one of them. Each surgery has its own outcome or result. Bariatric surgery is mainly done to make people lose weight.

Bariatric surgery procedures are mainly taken by people who are obese and trying to lose weight for a long time, but has not become very much successful. If the weight loss attempt has been failed for a long time only then this surgery can take place. This surgery actually reduces the capacity of storage in the human stomach which actually results into the limitation of food intake just after a few days of the surgery.

But this is not the only thing that this surgery does. There is also not a single type of bariatric surgery which can be performed by the surgeons. There are more to that. There are types of bariatric surgery that includes sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, gastric plications and gastric banding. But what particular type of surgery one should go through depends on what type of problem they are suffering from. It is the duty of the physician to guide their patient about the type of surgery they need to go through or whether there is any need of surgery at all.

It is said that if one has a body mass of 35 or more than one can actually lose more than 65 pounds. But if the body mass is 40 or more than that, then it becomes a bit difficult. At that point of time, one needs this surgery to lose that extra weight.

But going under the surgery is not the last thing. One has to take care of the post surgery things as well. Once the surgery is done, one has to eat very slowly and take tiny bites on every food item they eat. They cannot gorge on foods. The most important thing that the patients have to change after undergoing the surgery is that, they cannot drink while eating food. This is the most difficult adjustment they need to make. They have it have their fluids at least 30 minutes before having the food or 30 minutes after having the food. But according to physicians, this can also be adjusted easily though it takes a bit of time.

Not only weight loss, but this bariatric surgery has other positive outcomes as well. They can help on long term remission of two kinds of diabetes and keep a control over it. The patients who were obese and also suffered from diabetes have stayed away from insulin and medicines after undergoing this surgery.

This surgery also improves the human heart condition. They reduce the risk of being affected by coronary heart diseases and it also keeps the cholesterol and blood pressure level in the normal limit.

This also gives joint pain relief which otherwise would have caused body damage.

Weight loss surgery sleeve is a type of bariatric surgery which one can undergo.

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