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When we think of Human Resource (HR) we automatically assume it just deals with the recruiting process within a company. But Human Resource is a lot more than just finding the right type of people to fit into a certain job.

Nowadays, HR is considered to be more of a strategic partner within the structure of the company rather than a supporting role. HR deals with employee relations, creating efficient practices and developing training programs.

Those who are employed in HR departments must ensure that the companies number number one assets are adequately taken care it – the employees.

As well as being recruited to carry out certain tasks and assignments, employees must be properly trained and managed so that they are continuously up to speed with the company’s competitive strategy. Therefore the role of the HR department also includes developing relevant training procedures so that employees can meet specific goals and add value to the products and services within the organisation.

Here are a few strategies that HR people should apply in today’s work force:


This is where the HR personnel screens, and selects suitable candidates for the job. Examinations and assessments are used to give the recruiter a better idea of who is best suited for the position in hand. These exams will also give an indication of how good or badly a potential new hire will be at their new role within the company.


This involves creating specific procedures within the organisation that will align with the company’s goals. This will keep employees up speed with any new developments in their area. Managed HR personnel have to look after all the employees under them and make sure that they are happy in their job.

Retention of employees

It’s a given that employees are going to come and go over time. HR teams will have to generate programs and ideas for ways to keep their employees happy with their work, so that they stay both positive and productive as best they can. Company activities and other fun things are some of the methods they can implement to create some positive atmosphere. The HR team must also motivate managers to come up with their own programs as well, as this is partly a responsibility of managers – to keep the staff under them happy as well. This is important as it will create a positive attitude throughout the workforce. Managers will migrate these techniques to those who they manage and this creates a virtual circle – or team spirit.

The role of the HR is a lot more diverse than you would imagine. It’s simply not all about recruiting. Keeping the organization happy and working in unison are also important parts of the HR department. With effective HR management strategies you can meet your company’s objectives more efficiently.

By attending training programs, workshops and seminars, HR professionals will also be ahead of the game and be in a better position to enhance the organization from the inside out.

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