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Be it an investment or a property for living purpose, a wise choice of right property is must if you do not want to regret on your choice later. When it comes to property investments in London, there are many attractive places that attract a number of investors for various reasons. If you too want to grab those advantages that many of other investors are already enjoying, then read on this list of top places for property investments in London. A huge price rise is expected to be seen in coming years in these places.

Acton In London-

The east-west side in London has a great potential to create amazing property hotspots within the route. So, there are chances for property prices to get rise in Acton by not less than 15 to 20%. Over and above, the area close to Old Oak Common is going to be a “super hub” for upcoming High Speed 2 and Crossrail, and therefore, the regeneration of Old Oak Common is assured to have encouraging impact on nearby surroundings. So, Acton is certainly one of the best places for property investments in London.

Developments In King’s Cross-

The area of King’s Cross is rapidly turning to be a new commercial as well as cultural hub for that several large investment ventures of these activities are following this area to get land there. As per real estate experts, the growth in property prices is quite visible in areas where population is growing. As a result, the luxury brand new flats in Plimsoll Buildings are being sold at £1,400 above per sq feet. It is a record breaking figure indeed. It is putting a positive impact on other nearby areas like East from Angel, South from Bloomsbury and North from Caledonian Road. So, buying property in this area is a solid investment purchase in real estate.

Elephant & Castle –

When it comes to property investments in London, you may not find this area attractive for living purpose for now, but coming years, things will not be same as it is now. A project of £3 billion for redevelopment in this area is underway that sees the development of Heygate estate council and an unattractive shopping center to be demolished and a new project for 1200 homes as well as around 2500 shops and apartments will be coming its way. Moreover, there will also be a development of pedestrianized new town centre with integrated transport hub for public, green rich spaces and market square that will attract several customers towards properties here.

Considering these facts, it looks the upcoming real estate market in Elephant & Castle is going to be quite lucrative for investors. So, if you want to make money out of a profitable property investment, then Elephant & Castle properties surely deserve your consideration.

These are few attractive options for property investments in London that have incredible potential to give you lucrative profits out of your investment on residential or commercial properties. So, use these suggestions and enjoy benefits right away.

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