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We all have a dream to own a huge and luxurious mansion that can be called of our own. This dream is constantly at the back of our mind and enables us to succeed and run in the competitive and speeding life. There is a lot more than an income to own a house of your choice and also maintain its various aspects like loans, maintenance, taxes, décor etc.

If you believe in stats, finance experts highly recommend planning before you step into making things right for yourself. Planning would give you that perfect insight of your income, sources the expenditures and highlights the savings. You would certainly then be in a better position to answer the various questions rushing and making you think and ponder upon your decision, big time.

Basically talking of the numbers to be precise. It must not be bigger than 28% of the total amount you earn and get back home. So, if in case you are looking forward to Mortgages over £800,000, planning would definitely come handy and let you decide and prepare for your actions.

Down payment plays an imperative role in planning!

Depending largely about the amount you make towards the down payment, you would be able to judge the mortgage amount you shall be paying annually. This would give you a brief of what the whole year would be like when you plan to Mortgages over £800,000.

There are certainly additional fee that comes in the couture too. So in order to go ahead upon must have this in mind as well. So make sure you are aware of each of the minute details as well and plan and do plan accordingly for the home of your dreams.

There are a few steps that come handy when you initiate the mortgage process. We hereby list in going to give you a better insight in the loan process and make things simpler for you.

If in case you have a down payment amount lesser than 20 percent of the total loan amount. You must opt for PMI. Pre-Mortgage Insurance would increase your monthly payment. So if in case you are eyeing upon a Mortgages over £800,000, you would precisely need to make a down payment of at least 160,000.

Please keep in mind there would be additional aspects to the mortgage amount in terms of the taxes and insurance fee, home purchasing fee, Homeowners association fee, repairs, décor, improvements etc. These fee and amounts shall be paid either monthly or annually as well, depending upon your choice and income, of course.

We really hope all this information shall prepare you to take the big step of your life and help you attain the dream you had been thinking about for long. This is an attempt to offer you the basic layout of the fee structure and the general scenarios. However there are many case specific conditions that would make you think upon the various official as well and litigation aspects.

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