You may have heard that once hot air balloon flights have been booked, they can be cancelled numerous times before one gets to actually enjoy their trip. Whilst such flights can indeed be cancelled due to weather, such cancellations are more rare than many people make out, and they are only extremely common should individuals choose to book with companies that attempt to fly all year round.

However, weather can make a big difference to a balloon ride, and not only might you enjoy your trip more when the weather is good, but by choosing to book at certain times of the year, you will also be far more likely to fly first time instead of hanging around.

As such, try to only book with companies that fly between March and November, as it will be far more likely that the weather will be favourable enough to fly between these months. Whilst summer flights may be more appealing to individuals, the weather in June, July and August is no longer as reliable as it once was. Also, if the recent past is anything to go by, months such as May and September may offer calmer and clearer weather for those looking to take balloon rides.

Whilst it may seem that having no wind will make a trip calmer and more enjoyable, balloons will need a light breeze to ensure they travel at a good pace, and therefore the perfect weather for those looking to fly will be a light breeze, good visibility and plenty of sunshine.

Shannon Morris

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