Toner cartridges and ink cartridges – what is the difference?

Many people believe that ink and toner and the same thing. However, there are some differences as to how the two function and indeed, how they are made. So, what are the differences between the two? Basically a laser printer will use toner and an inject printer will use ink. Toner has a base made from carbon and dye granules, which along with polymers, help it to stick to the paper.
Toner cartridges
Toner does come in cartridges. Liquid ink also comes in a cartridge. Toner generally costs more than ink cartridges; however the good side is that it generally lasts longer than ink cartridges do, and per cartridge, it can print more pages than those filled with ink.
When purchasing toner it may pay to bear in mind that the higher the quality the cartridge, the better it will generally be. A high quality cartridge will usually hold powder that has been ground finely. Less expensive ones will have larger granules, and these have a tendency to smear. Laser printers are more commonly used in businesses, and the majority of home users are happy with inkjet printers.
When choosing a printer it is important to understand the differences between ink and toner. When using toner, care should be taken, as with handling any substances, not to get it on the skin. A good tip to remember if there is a spillage of toner is to blot the area with cold water, or if washing clothing stained with toner, put the machine on a cold wash and then air dry the clothing.


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