Companies might have thousands of pounds worth of equipment, but that’s not the most valuable thing that they have onsite. Modern business revolves around data. Information is priceless. It must be kept safe and secure. Companies invest heavily in IT security, but they mustn’t neglect the way they manage paper documentation too. There’s still plenty of reason and need to keep paper records. When they need to be disposed of, this must be done in the right way. Firstly so information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands and secondly so that there isn’t any unnecessary waste. Recycling has a huge positive impact on the environment. The more companies do it, the better it is for the planet. Action on a massive scale makes a difference.

Businesses must have a policy for shredding and recycling along with a partner to take care of this process. Any large organisation has a requirement for shredding on a huge scale. Rather than rely on individuals and departments to manage this process it pays to invest in the services of a dedicated partner to provide secure onsite shredding.

Working with a partner means there are no slip ups. It’s complete peace of mind. And the reduction in waste is a positive outcome. Green credentials matter in modern business. Suppliers, partners and customers want to know that they are dealing with an environmentally friendly organisation. Onsite document shredding is not a nice to have. It’s a must have service in the information age. Data protection isn’t just about computer records.

Shannon Morris

Shannon Morris is the full-time editor for Blogs 6 Community sharing her thoughts on health, latest news buzz and shopping hacks and product reviews with site visitors.

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