Declining Mailing Volumes Offer the Perfect Time to Advertise By Post

Whilst many countries are seeing declining mail volumes, many international postal services are continuing to go from strength to strength. The ability for such companies to diversify has meant that the internet has not had the debilitating effect on postal providers that many had predicted it would.

For businesses, there are actually benefits to this decline in physical mail. With fewer letters dropping onto each and every doormat, more attention will be paid to the letters or leaflets that do come through the door, and therefore any companies that have looked into the benefits of a direct mail campaign are likely to find that now is the perfect time to try one out.

The internet is seen as the perfect marketing tool by many companies, but not only have the majority of people become annoyed by constant pop-ups, but many also simply do not even notice banner ads anymore. Furthermore, emails are far from effective as they are easy to delete before they have even been opened, and many more group emails will never even get to an inbox in the first place.

With declining mail volumes, more and more postal services are doing deals with fulfillment houses to offer very attractive bulk mailing rates. In turn, the reductions are passed onto the customer meaning that, for those looking to send promotional literature through the post, it may well be more effective than ever and far cheaper than one might imagine at the same time, making now the perfect time to try out a new mailing campaign.

Shannon Morris

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