If you are a horse owner, whether jockey, breeder or just a horse lover, it is likely that you will need to transport your horse from time to time and, if you own and use a horsebox to do so, then it really is a very good idea to have horsebox insurance.

It does not matter what type of horsebox you have, it is a good idea to have horsebox insurance. We will cover motorised and manual horseboxes of any size, so there really is no excuse not to be covered.

Don’t risk It

We know how expensive looking after horses can be and it can be tempting to cut costs such as horsebox insurance where you can, in order to minimise your costs, but it really is foolish to do so because you could end up losing a lot more by not having horsebox insurance in place.

If you were to be involved in an accident with your horsebox, for instance, then your horse could be injured and your horsebox damaged. The cost of getting your horse healthy again and repairing your horsebox could be huge in comparison to the cost of your monthly premiums and could make all the difference in the end.

Shannon Morris

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