The Nissan Juke was a surprise hit when it was first unveiled in 2010 and managed to rack up thousands of advance orders due to its quirky look and powerful features. The car has since gone on to become one of the most sought after and is currently the fifth most popular car in the UK today. So, we were thrilled when Nissan revealed that The Nissan Juke brand was to have a new model – The Nissan Juke Shiro.


The Nissan juke Shiro is a very exciting new car which was unveiled in January. The car really is a luxury vehicle which has an exciting specification to boast. It is probably one of the best crossover SUV vehicles available at present and we are sure that it will be as big a hit as The Nissan Juke it follows.


The Nissan Juke Shiro is great for anyone who likes a lot of luxury in their vehicle. It has many decadent features which will surely please lovers of decadence everywhere. Some of its finer features include:

-Luxury leather upholstery

-Satin silver wing mirrors

Gloss black pillar

It’s definitely a car for the well to do, which will ‘WOW’ even the toughest critics.

Shannon Morris

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