Some Of The Water Purifiers That Will Help You Out To Make The Water Clean And Safe Properly

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There are so many different types of water purifiers that are used by people. Eureka Forbes is the top-best company that sells the best quality water purifiers. If a person wants to have a water purifier for the domestic or commercial purpose they can take the help of Eureka Forbes customer care number Ludhiana to know everything about different types of water purifiers. Some of the water purifiers are mentioned below: 

KENT Grand Plus RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier

This is a water purifier that will make the water 100% safe and Water clean for drinking. This is the top-best water purifier that is rated five out of five stars for its working by the users. This water purifier has the technology of double time water purification RO+UV+UF+TDS.


  • Double purification system is there in this water purifier.
  • This water purifier is having an advanced alert system.
  • This type of water purifier has a high water storage capacity.
  • This type of water purifier is suitable for purifying all the types of water resources.
  • These water purifiers have the best feature of saving water technology.


  • These types of water purifiers waste a little amount of water during the purification process.
  • It is very much heavy in size.

KENT Pearl RO Water Purifier

This is also a water purifier with double purification process. These types of water purifiers purify the water two times to make the water easily consumable. These types of water purifiers make the water 100% clean and safe thus making it free from bacteria.


  • It is made up with the TDS controller technology.
  • These types of water purifiers have automatic on and off buttons.
  • It is a water purifier that purifies the water double times and is known as double purification process RO+UV+UF.
  • It has an ample storage space. These types of water purifiers are made with a storage tank with it.


  • These water purifiers also waste some amount of water during purification.
  • These types of water purifiers need constant electricity for its working.

Aquaguard Enhance RO+UV Water Purifier

This is also a water purifier with best technologies. People can easily buy these type of water purifiers as because they are cost-effective; it means they are very much inexpensive. If these purifiers need maintenance or servicing; people can take the help of service centers such as Eureka Forbes water purifier customer care Ludhiana to make their water purifier fit for purifying the water.


  • It has a seven-liter storage capacity.
  • These water purifiers are made up with TDS controller technologies.
  • It has a smart auto-fill system and is very much effective for purification.


  • These water purifiers have poor processing after sale services.
  • These water purifiers waste a lot of water during purification or filtration.

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